Bandenkeuze Pirelli voor eerste 8 Grand Prix’s

Pirelli heeft in haar perskit een overzicht geplaatst van alle compounds die zijn geselecteerd voor de eerste 8 Grand Prix weekenden. Ook heeft Mario Isola, Hoofd F1 en Car Racing van Pirelli, zich weer uitgesproken over de start van het seizoen:

“After a long enforced break, we’re excited to finally get back to competition! This year’s Austrian Grand Prix will have a slightly different look to it, with no spectators and special measures against Covid-19, but we were actually already implementing some of these procedures at the Australian Grand Prix, so operationally we have some previous experience of these unusual circumstances. The tyres are exactly the same as last year, so probably the biggest variable element will be the ‘rust’ that teams and drivers might have accumulated after such a long time away from a race weekend. To get back up to speed, some teams have recently run two-year-old cars in private testing or had filming days with the current cars. In both cases, these run on special tyres that are a long way from race specification, so everyone starts again this weekend on an absolutely level playing field”.


Foto: Pirelli

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